Throughout the weeklong Diamond Jubilee Celebration, Pátio Mela has become the central hub for the Jamat to gather and celebrate diversity, creativity, and community. The space is a crossroads of the global Jamat where people can meet, unite, and engage in a wide-ranging selection of activities and programmes.

At the opening of Pátio Mela, a collective of Portuguese artists ranging in age from eight to 68 welcomed the global Jamat with a showcase of singing, dancing, and other performances. Mariam Muradi from Germany said "I didn't understand a word, but I liked to hear the music. As I came to Portugal, I like to know about Portugal, not only the music, but many other cultural features. That's why I came to see the performances at this stage."
On Pátio Mela’s ‘Stage of Joy’, musicians hailing from countries including Canada, Turkey, Tajikistan and beyond, perform under the theme of Global Flavours, with live entertainment. The music ranges from single-origin authentic melodies to fusion beats and harmony, with cross-cultural tunes and languages.
While some performances have been devotional and inspiring, others are celebratory and exciting in honour of this unique occasion. International DJs and diverse performers also take the crowd into the night as the Jamat dance and participate in dandia raas as One Jamat.
Zaem Jamal from the band Khayal says “Khayal as a band represents One Jamat, crossing eight jurisdictions and singing in eight different languages. We may even integrate some Portuguese in light of the celebrations here in Lisbon.”
While the ‘Stage of Joy’ is the main feature of Pátio Mela, other enticing activities include a 3D art area, henna corner, children’s area, and chill-out zone. A short Portuguese tram-ride across the venue, attractions include a sentiment wall, collaborative mural, and photo park lining the Portugal Pavilion. “Happy,” “proud,” “humbled,” and “thankful” were some of the expressions written on the sentiment wall.
Thousands of volunteers have worked day and night to make the celebrations memorable, smooth, and joyous, while enjoying themselves along the way.
Come join the celebrations and stay tuned for more updates on Pátio Mela!