As anticipation builds for the upcoming Diamond Jubilee Mulaqat with Mawlana Hazar Imam, the Jamats of France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Côte d’Ivoire have set up special programmes to prepare for and celebrate the auspicious occasion. 

Preparations for the visit started months in advance, and various teams have been working countless hours to ensure they are well-organised in preparation for the upcoming events in Paris. As the France jurisdiction Jamat is geographically spread across several countries in Western Europe and Africa, it has been particularly important to ensure consistency across all centres of the jurisdiction. This allowed the entire Jamat to share the same experience, before coming together to celebrate as one Jamat.

For children, a dedicated programme was developed about Hazar Imam's visit. A countdown calendar was distributed to all young murids, featuring daily quiz questions, fun facts, and themes to inspire artwork. A celebration was also organised in Paris to bring together youth and young adults of the Jamat to celebrate and mark the occasion of the Mulaqat. The activity was a wonderful example of the Diamond Jubilee bringing different members of the Jamat together to renew the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Particular attention was also given to the preparation of volunteers, whose commitment and service will help ensure the wellbeing of the Jamat during the Mulaqat. The program of activities for volunteers included team-building activities, working groups on communication and service, as well as relaxation exercises to infuse serenity into the group.

Finally, the dove drawing activity brought together the youngest and oldest members of the Jamat, and everyone in between. Beautiful messages in design and in writing, in a variety of languages, were conveyed to Mawlana Hazar Imam to commemorate this very special occasion, with each dove to be displayed at the Mulaqat venue. The activity truly expressed the spirit of one Jamat.