Register today at Jamatkhana to experience the various events and programs that will take place during the Diamond Jubilee year. 

In honor of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s 60 jubilant years of Imamat, the Ismaili Council for the United States of America is pleased to announce the official launch of the Diamond Jubilee Jamati Registration and Survey.
All Jamati members currently residing in the U.S., including interfaith spouses and children, must complete the registration form to take part in the various programs and events that may take place during the Diamond Jubilee year.
The paper-only registration form distribution will begin in Jamatkhana on Friday, December 15, 2017. Only one form per family is required. Registration Orientation Sessions are scheduled to assist the Jamat in completing the registration form. For additional details and to pick-up the forms, please visit the Diamond Jubilee Jamati Registration Desks.
All family members listed on the form, including non-Ismaili spouses and children must be present at time of form submission. Adults over the age of 18 years (i.e. born before January 2000) must bring a valid U.S. issued photo ID.

The deadline to submit the form is February 2, 2018.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ page for more information or ask registration volunteers at Jamatkhana for assistance.