Over the Diamond Jubilee year, 6 education themes will be introduced to the global Jamat, with programs and activities for each theme. 

A new theme will be introduced every 2 months. The content and activities have been richly developed by the International Jubilee Programs and Activities Taskforce.  

Theme #1 - August & September 2017: Celebrating the Grace of the Jamatkhana and Ismaili Centres in our lives

The first theme has four parts and explores:

Part One:  The History of Jamatkhanas and Their Significance

Part Two:  The Ambassadorial Role of the Ismaili Centres

Part Three:  Situating Jamatkhanas within Diverse Muslim Spaces of Gathering and Piety

Part Four: Ismaili Jamatkhanas, Congregational Practice and Privacy


Theme #2 - October and November 2017: Celebrating Education

The second theme has five parts and explores:

Part One: Nature of Education in the Islamic Tradition

Part Two: Ismaili Imams and their Love for Knowledge

Part Three: Knowledge Societies: Past and Present

Part Four: From Early Childhood Education to Lifelong Learning

Part Five: Luminous Legacy of Mawlana Hazar Imam in Education


Theme #3 - December 2017: Engaging with Difference: Understanding Ourselves and Others

The third theme has 4 parts & explores:

Part One:  What does it mean to be an Ismaili?

Part Two: Engaging in Pluralism

Part Three: Cosmopolitan Ethic

Part Four: Humility in the Face of Difference


Theme #4: January 2018

Part One: Realizing the Social Conscience of Islam

Part Two: Lighting the Spark of Hope

Part Three: Breaking The Cycle of Poverty: AKDN

Part Four: What Does It Mean To Realise The Social Conscience Of Islam?


Theme #5: Dini Education: Rooting Ourselves in Faith and Ethics

Part One: Nature of comprehensive education in Islamic tradition: The inextricable harmony of education in Islam

Part Two: Quest for Meaning and Need of Religion in Human Life

Part Three: Lifework of Our 49th Imam: The Jamat’s Religious Formation through Institutions

Part Four: Role of Dini Education in Early Childhood Development


Theme #6: Becoming Ambassadors of Islam: Understanding our Contemporary Context

Part One: Misperceptions and Misrepresentations of Islam 

Part Two: Clash of Ignorance and the Education Gap

Part Three: Understanding Violence Committed in the Name of Islam

Part Four: Being Ambassadors of Islam

Part Five: Responses of the Ismaili Imamat to the Clash of Ignorance and Promoting More Peaceful Coexistence


International Education Theme Programs:

Engagement Seminar: Spaces of Worship & Jamatkhana

This multi-media interactive seminar will focus on situating the Jamatkhana within diverse Muslim spaces of worship and gathering. Please see the Al-Akhbar and Diamond Jubilee Bulletin for information in your region.

Video, Chai & Chat Session: Ismaili Centres: Vision & Aspirations

The session will include a short (13 minute) video viewing on the beautiful Ismaili Centres located around the world. Following the video, participants will engage in a reflective discussion moderated by a facilitator. Please refer to the Al-Akhbar Newsletter and Diamond Jubilee Bulletin for information in your respective region.

Refer to Secondary Curriculum for Jamati members