Celebrating Diamond Jubilee through dance.

Exiting Jamati ceremonies, there’s an electricity in the air, a palpable excitement as the Jamat gathers. All of a sudden there is music over the loudspeaker, dancers take center stage, a ring forms, and those not participating are immediately caught by the thrill. It’s a moment of dance, and, as Zeeny Teja put it, “also of chaos and confusion, but it was the best type of confusion!”
As a first step to dance practice for the One Jamat Dance performance, the Seattle Jamat had a “flash mob,” where our performers erupted in dance. As the dancers began showcasing the One Jamat Dance, the Jamat all gathered and watched in awe. Zeeny says she felt “a lot of joy, energy, excitement, and enthusiasm from everyone” in that moment. The Seattle Jamat as a whole seems to be collectively holding their breath as they anticipate this Diamond Jubilee year.
Zeeny has been preparing for the Jubilee by “constantly reciting Salwaat and praying for Mawlana Hazar Imam to enjoy good health for many more years.” She says that she is “offering gratitude to the Imam for all the wonderful blessings in my life.” She has joined in on the various pre-Khushiali activities and is most excited to see “the telecast, to hear Mawlana Hazar Imam's message to the global Jamat, and to see him surrounded by the Noorani family on this historic and momentous occasion.”
Zeeny, like other members of the Jamat, has been participating in a host of activities including the decorating of the Jubilee Mosaic tiles, and sending Jubilee Wishes.
The Jubilee Mosaic was especially exciting for the Seattle Jamat as they got to express their artistic sides. Zahra Rehamani says “I love art, and I love the idea that my artwork has a place next to all of my Ismaili brothers’ and sisters’ artwork and that we all get to celebrate this moment together in something as permanent as this tile.”