Sunday September 23 will mark the second annual Ismaili CIVIC Day – a day of active service by the entire Canadian Jamat to improve quality of life in our country.  

The 4th Sunday in September every year will now be Ismaili CIVIC Day, so please mark your calendars!

On September 23, the Canadian Jamat will commemorate Ismaili CIVIC Day. We encourage every Jamati member, young and old, to come out and contribute to Mawlana Hazar Imam’s vision of a Jamat that is engaged, active and passionate about improving the lives of its fellow citizens.

In his 2014 speech to the Canadian Parliament, Mawlana Hazar Imam spoke about voluntary service in Canada.

“I have been impressed by recent studies showing the activity of voluntary institutions and not-for-profit organizations in Canada to be among the highest in the world. This Canadian spirit resonates with a cherished principle in Shia Ismaili culture — the importance of contributing one’s individual energies on a voluntary basis to improving the lives of others.” 

Last year, through Ismaili CIVIC 150, the Canadian Jamat gave more than 1.1 million hours of volunteer service to improve the quality of life of fellow Canadians. The Jamat’s commitment to serve Canada was recognized widely and applauded by dignitaries, civil society leaders and officials from all levels of government.  At a Nawruz celebration earlier in the year, Prime Minister Trudeau acknowledged the Jamat’s ethic of service, saying:

“You are an extraordinary example of the very best of Canada and everyday, I thank you for it.” 

In addition to Ismaili CIVIC Day on September 23, we will hold Ismaili CIVIC service events throughout the year to provide the Jamat with opportunities to continue to give back to Canada. Please look out for the Ismaili CIVIC logo and apparel and participate with passion. Through Ismaili CIVIC, we will not only make a difference in the lives of others, but establish the Jamat as a model of voluntary service and help to address common misperceptions about Islam and Muslims.

Almost 50 years ago, Mawlana Hazar Imam asked us to make Canada our home. As a vibrant, confident and forward-looking Jamat today, let us now do everything we can to build a better Canada for tomorrow. Ismaili CIVIC Day is for all members of the Jamat and your family and friends.   Please sign up and help us to put our ethics into action. Stay tuned for events in your region!