The 7th grade students from the Sunday School of nearby Glenview Community Church spent their Sunday morning at the Ismaili Jamatkhana in Glenview. 

The visit organized by Qasim Gillani and Reverend Pam Keckler was uniquely designed to weave in their Sunday School curriculum topic. The visit, led by STEP teachers Danish Moti and Alkarim Shivji, engaged students in a dialogue to learn more about Islam and in particular, the Ismaili tradition. A presentation on the Aga Khan Development Network was also shared to demonstrate some of the ethical values guiding the Ismaili community. 

Along with the presentation, the students were able to tour the Jamatkhana facilities, which included a Q&A session and a walk-through of the Religious Education Center.

Danish Moti, who led the session says, “I am always delighted to have visitors tour the Ismaili Jamatkhana. The highlight for me was the fantastic questions the students had for me about our Jamatkhana, our community, and the Imam.”