On 10 May 2018, a panel of professionals spoke eloquently about the painful experiences of individuals affected by prejudice and hatred, and the need for a systematic analysis of data to combat forces that are eroding our social fabric. The panel was made up of Ms. Sarah Khan, lawyer and acting Executive Director of Seniors First BC, and Ms. Itrath Syed, a researcher and instructor in the portrayal of Muslims in media discourse and moderated by Mr. Aleem Bharmal.

As Ms. Khan and Ms. Syed offered anecdotal evidence of the real effects on the social freedoms and lives of people impacted by intolerance and discrimination, they also enlightened the audience with practical solutions. The Islamophobia Hotline is one of such recourses available to all citizens, as are the rights of citizens to bring forward complaints under the British Columbia Human Rights Code. In response to questions raised by the audience, the speakers emphasised the role of education as a solution. As a form of racism, it should be addressed at its fundamental level. The event ended with a meaningful quote, "we are all different because we are all unique. Without this, life would not be interesting."

The session was jointly planned between the City of Burnaby’s Intercultural Planning Table, Simon Fraser University, and the Ismaili Centre Burnaby. The session was attended by the academic community, youth, members of the Jamat, and other professionals.