Architecture of the Ismaili Centres

The Ismaili Centres are landmarks that affirm the presence and permanence of the Ismaili community wherever they are established. In form, each individual Centre is unique, suited to its particular surroundings, and drawing on the cultural influences that are prevalent in the country and region in which it is situated. Their functional balances are suited to the needs of the particular community and the broader society that each Centre serves.

Yet despite their outward uniqueness, the Centres are forged in a common spirit, reflecting the mood of a distinctly Islamic community. They are spiritual places that invite peaceful search and contemplation in their gardens, niches and congregational halls. Intellectual discovery and exchange permeate their libraries, classrooms and meeting spaces. Reaching out to the wider community, the Centres extend a hand of friendship, seeking to enhance mutual understanding and social harmony.

Rooted in the rich tapestry of Islamic heritage and traditions, the architecture of the Ismaili Centres identify a community that is at once confident of its past and modern in its outlook.