Ismaili children and youth in Syria expressed their love and devotion to Mawlana Hazar Imam through Golden Vision with Golden Hands, a Navroz art exhibition held in Salamieh, Syria.

The love and devotion of Ismaili children and youth in Syria for Mawlana Hazar Imam found expression in Golden Vision with Golden Hands, a Navroz art exhibition held in Salamieh.

Children aged 8 – 12 and youth aged 13 – 18 presented a variety of illustrations describing subjects such as Navroz, the Time and Knowledge Nazrana, global pluralism, and voluntary service.

The exhibition was held at the Local Council hall in Salamieh, and was opened for public viewing by the National ITREB Honorary Secretary. Although it was originally planned for 20 – 21 March, the exhibition was extended an extra two days to accommodate the larger than expected interest and attendance. In addition to drawing audiences from the local Jamat and general public, the exhibition was visited by delegates of the Heritage Discovery Programme who were touring Salamieh.


Golden Vision with Golden Hands attracted hundreds of submissions by children in Salamieh, Taldra, Barri, Sunn, Aleppo, Damascus and Al Khawabi. One-hundred-sixty-nine posters were selected for exhibition based on criteria set by the National ITREB.

Through very simple, yet insightful illustrations, the children and youth presented their intellectual and artistic vision as a Golden Jubilee gift to Mawlana Hazir Imam.