Purpose: To find ways to present Islam in its true light as a faith of spirituality, peace and social justice.

Your Mission

Step one: Find a story!

Search for a recent newspaper story (on-line or print) that paints an inaccurate picture of Islam. If you are unable to find an article, you can Google search images related to Islam. (Note: when searching images, there may be some that are harsh and inappropriate for children).

Step two: Write a response and share it with your family!

Time to voice your opinion and write a response to the article or image. Discuss your response with your family and see if new ideas are shared, and if everyone agrees.

  • Start by stating clearly what the assumption or misrepresentation is in the article or image then respond to it using your knowledge of Islamic values and sharing your personal experience.
  • Write a reflection that expresses Islam the way you understand it.
  • Make the article/reflection concise, compelling, rational and relevant.

Need some inspiration? Turn to some of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s quotes or speeches for inspiration, tone and approach.

Dinner Time Discussion:

  1. What guidance does Mawlana Hazar Imam give us related to education and how does this relate to misperceptions of Islam?
  2. Look at what you wrote and think about if you had all the information you needed to write a response. What would have helped you to write a better response?
  3. Consider the tone of your response. How do you demonstrate evenness, openness and authenticity in your response?


Bonus activity: Take your reporter skills on the road. Interview at least 5 people about stereotypes and misperceptions of Islam. Create questions before you engage with others, some good ones to start are below:

  • What are some common misperceptions you have heard about Islam?
  • How do you feel when you hear something negative about Islam?
  • How do you respond to misperceptions?

Note - these activities are for home discussion, to bring a greater understanding of the faith.

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