CAB Canada

The Aga Khan Conciliation and Arbitration Board for Canada ("CAB Canada") is comprised of volunteer mediators serving on a national board and seven regional boards.

Background of Board Members

  • Representative of a variety of professional and business experiences, including family and commercial law, social sciences and medicine, accounting, information technology, and general business.
  • Collectively speak various languages, including English, French, Dari, Pashto, Farsi, Urdu, Gujarati, Kutchi and Hindi. These language skills enable members to mediate with cultural sensitivity within a diverse and pluralistic community.
  • Equal gender representation across the national and regional boards.

Regions covered by CAB Canada

  • British Columbia
  • Edmonton
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Southwest, Ontario
  • Northeast, Ontario
  • Quebec and The Maritime Provinces
  • The Prairies

Region Contact Information


Videos and Webinars

  • Psychology of Contract: Managing Conflict and Business Ethics in Islam (Video

Islam provides a framework on how business should be conducted and how conflict should be resolved between various parties. Join this engaging webinar to learn more about how an approach rooted in the ethics of Islam can be used to manage and resolve conflicts within the realm of business. Anaar Dhanji will lead captivating conversations with M. Ali Lakhani, Zulie Sachedina, and Karim Damji. They will discuss Mawlana Hazar Imam’s guidance on conducting business within the framework of our faith, and help the jamat understand the notion of contracts and agreements in Islam – the roles and responsibilities each party has to the other. The steps to achieve conflict resolution within our faith and the support networks available to the Jamat, as well as the role of the Conciliation and Arbitration Board in conflict resolution, arbitration, and mediation within the community, will be explored. 

  • Psychology of Contract: Managing Contracts in Business (Video)

In this session, moderator Rosemin Amirali Visram will facilitate a discussion with Shabir Ladha and Nadia Somani about managing contracts in business. They will provide tips and detailed information on (i) managing business and partnership expectations, (ii) defining contract terms to minimize conflict - including transition clauses and exit strategies, (iii) evolving a partnership agreement for the successful continuity of your business, and (iv) contract considerations for online businesses in the digital economy.

  • Psychology of Contract: Alternative Techniques to Dispute Resolution (Video)

Disputes and conflicts can arise in business contracts between parties. It is important to understand the dynamics of how a dispute or conflict can be managed effectively by everyone involved. This webinar will cover (i) emotional Intelligence in contracts, (ii) understanding expectations in contracts, (iii) using arbitration versus legal courts, (iv) steps to effective dispute resolution, and (v) creating proper exit strategies in contracts. Rahim Moloo, a Lawyer, Adjunct Professor at Columbia Law School, and a recognized leader in the field of international arbitration, will be in conversation with Jeannette Bourgeault, Chartered Mediation Specialist with the Government of Canada. The two will be lead in a discussion by Maryla Ali, Family and Divorce Lawyer, about disputes and conflicts that can arise in business contracts.

  • Psychology of Contract: Dynamics of Family Business (Video)

The fourth and final part of the Psychology of Contracts series, “Family Dynamics in Businesses”, is a dialogue on understanding the unique relationships and challenges involved in running business enterprises with family members. Join us as we explore the topics of dispute resolution, generational wealth transfer, and developing strategies for family business succession.

Past Events and News

  • March 2020: Published “A Pluralistic Perspective to Dispute Resolution: An Ethical and Holistic Approach” in the Canadian Arbitration and Mediation Journal, Vol. 29, No. 1 (articles provided above)
  • October 4, 2019: Presented at the first Saint Paul University Annual Symposium on Informal Conflict Resolution under the theme “Taking the Pulse: Best Practices in Government, Family, and Community Conflict Resolution” hosted by Saint Paul University in Ottawa.