A joyful, entertaining and healthy day has marked the celebration of the Belgian Jamat’s unity through the first ever Ismaili sports tournament to be hosted in the city of Gent. 

A group of 65 athletes from different backgrounds represented the beautiful diversity of our Jamat. Thirteen competitive and joyful football games were played to select the winner out of five football teams, while simultaneously five mixed gender volleyball teams played fourteen games providing a stern test for the winners to reach the finals.

This day was the result of six weeks of training and preparation by volunteers and athletes from Belgium and France who showcased respect and professionalism throughout the day.

The Jamat concluded the day with a closing ceremony, gathering to celebrate the medal ceremony and memorial photos. Volunteers and athletes brought back the unforgettable memories of the Jubilee Games held in 2016, and healthy competition always brings our community together.

The Jamat expressed their satisfaction and happiness by requesting the organising committee to host similar events in the future.