The process of sharing information in today’s world is extremely intense. Significant and constant amounts of information are received through the media. Today’s written media has changed dramatically and this has become more pronounced with the introduction of desktop publishing and social media. To learn more about these trends, the National Council’s Communications and Publications Committee arranged a visit to Bangladesh’s leading and largest circulating English daily - The Daily Star.

Mass media play a very important role in our everyday life. They serve to inform people of different events that take place or may happen. Also they entertain people or even help to make their life better. But the most important thing that newspapers bring to people is information.

In the afternoon on Saturday, 10 August 2019, members of the Jamat age between 11 to 30 years were first taken to Army Golf Club - a golf club in Dhaka Cantonment, Bangladesh, operated by the Bangladesh Army, where they were given the tour of the entire club. Members enjoyed some exercise in their “gym” followed by the lavish lunch arranged for them, to prepare for the day ahead.

After that, the group was taken to The Daily Star office where the Chief Reporter welcomed all.  The Chief Reporter gave members a tour of the entire office and answered the many questions raised by visiting guests. He explained how the news is initially gathered, the risks encountered while gathering the news, and how the news is finally printed.

During these processes, he highlighted the importance of technology, which plays an important role in communication effectively as the world has become more globalised. The technology used for communication is appreciated and acknowledged, because the interchange of information is necessary in current era. Technology has impacted the communications process in a positive way; It has made it easier for people to do things which they couldn’t do otherwise, for instance, the process through which the news is gathered, typed, verified on the computer before going for final printing. The same is uploaded on the website which is continuously being modified to offer better reading comfort to readers.

To the surprise of visitors, the Editor of The Daily Star, Mr Mahfuz Anam came and spoke to us. Last year, Mr Anam completed 25 years with the newspaper as its editor, and was awarded a “Lifetime Achievement Award 2018” earlier this year for his contribution to journalism.

He emphasised on the importance of Journalism, and said “if you want to reach out to a wider audience and make a difference, Journalism is the best profession”

The Communications Coordinator thanked Mr. Anam for arranging the visit and for delivering a very insightful and inspirational speech. Participants really enjoyed the trip and appreciated all the effort put in by the Communications Committee, where a lot of learning has taken place, and look forward to more such programmes.