The Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board (ITREB), Bangladesh organized an educational and entertaining day on November 7, 2019. The main objective was to show the recent school that won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture and to recognize and appreciate the valuable time, effort, dedication and knowledge sharing that the REC teachers, ITREB Library members, volunteers, and staff give in order to shape the lives of the children and provide religious education to jamat.

The day’s programme was attended by 25 people from the Religious Education Centre and ITREB Library.

Participants were first taken to the Aga Khan Award for Architecture winning project of 2019 winner bamboo-constructed school built by Arcadia Education Project at South Kanarchor in Keraniganj.  It was an hour's journey by bus, and the trip was enjoyed by all the singing and humour. After arriving, we were given a tour of the entire facility, after which some donation Items were given for the children and management like school bags, pencil boxes, biscuits, and other accessories.

The Head of Administration emphasized on the current teaching condition and said “the children are curious and eager to learn and are more likely to perform better when more skilled teachers join the facility.” To add highlights to this program the face to face interaction held with Ms. Razia Alam, the founder and Chairperson of the school and Mr. Farrokh Derakhshani, Director, Aga Khan Award for Architecture.  

After that, the participants were taken for a delicious lunch at a famous Thai restaurant where they were all recognized and appreciated for their tireless dedication and commitment to ITREB Bangladesh. As a token of appreciation, a folder with a diary and pen was distributed to everyone. In the end, a comedy movie of their choice was shown.

All participants thoroughly enjoyed the programme and were very grateful to ITREB for the appreciation and enjoyable day. They suggested and look forward to more of such events in the future.