Australia & New Zealand - Jubilee Arts Festival

The Jubilee Arts (JA) is an international Diamond Jubilee Initiative that provides the Jamat with an opportunity to experience global artistic expressions whilst highlighting the cultural diversity of the Ismaili community from around the world. Jubilee Arts provides opportunities for aspiring Ismaili artists from around the world to showcase and further develop their talents both during and beyond the Diamond Jubilee year.


Jubilee Arts Festival – Australia and New Zealand 
Jubilee Arts Festival – Australia and New Zealand will be held across ANZ region in March 2018. The top films, artworks and performances will advance to the National level competition. From the winners of the National competition, select artists and performers would be identified to represent ANZ region at the International Arts Festival anticipated to be held in European summer 2018.
In line with The International Arts Festival, Jubilee Arts Festival in ANZ comprises of three anchor events: Talent Showcase, Art Gallery and Film Festival.

Art Gallery
The Art Gallery will showcase the art from most talented visual artists from ANZ region. It will include both traditional and non-traditional forms of art providing a platform to the Jamat to witness, experience and understand our diverse community through visual arts.
Artists will get an opportunity to participate in the following categories:

Canvas Media | Paper Media | Sculpture/3-Dimensional Art | Graphic Design/Print Media | Photography | Mixed Media (including indigenous artwork) | Art and Digital Installations | Built Environment

Film Festival
In the Film Festival will screen films from Ismaili filmmakers in ANZ, celebrating their talent and abilities with regard to the various components of filmmaking. It will provide ANZ filmmakers a chance to express their creativity through the film, an inclusive medium which is now accessible to the wider population through technology. Entries can be of any genre from abstract pieces to comedy to documentary. All levels of proficiency are invited and artists are not limited by equipment used. 
There are two categories for the Film Festival:

Under 5 Minutes I Short film submissions totalling 5 minutes or less in duration
Under 15 Minutes I Short film submissions totalling 15 minutes or less in duration.

Talent Showcase
The Talent Showcase will provide a platform for performers to celebrate and represent the ANZ community’s rich and diverse culture. Submission categories include:
Voice | Dance | Music | Creative Arts

A number of inspirational and instructional workshops will be held across all centres in ANZ in preparation for the Jubilee Arts Festival and beyond.
Stay tuned to receive information on workshops in your local centre.


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Whatever your creative passion — painting, architecture, filmmaking, dance, or musical performance — Jubilee Arts will unleash these talents and celebrate them in countries all over the world. If you are an established or aspiring artist or performer, Jubilee Arts is an opportunity for you to exhibit your talents in front of your peers, in celebration of Mawlana Hazar Imam's Diamond Jubilee.
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