Painting different subjects in varying styles, an artist illustrates her talent.
If there is a style, Nazlee Ramji, of Houston, can probably paint it.
From acrylic and oil paints, to glass beads, sequins and rhinestones, her work exudes an impressive versatility. Using bold, rich colors and from her traditional Persian style to the bright hues and defined lines of her Cubist works, the thick brushstrokes and blurred gracefulness of her Impressionist pieces to the retro sophistication and glamor of her more abstract paintings, Nazlee finds inspiration in almost anything.
“I just come, and whatever I see and whatever I feel, you know, it just comes out,” she said. Nazlee began painting over 25 years ago as a hobby. What she lacked in training experience, she made up for in passion. Whenever she isn’t working or spending time with her grandkids, she says, she picks up the brush.
Nazlee’s subject matter ranges from people to nature to animals...whatever her imagination creates. However, seeing other works of art also influence her. “You see a painting, and it inspires you, and you feel, ‘I can do something like that.’ Some are totally original; it just comes from within. You just feel like mixing the colors and seeing what the outcome is going to be.”
Nazlee’s collection adorns the walls of her family’s home. She has not sold any of her 35 pieces but as she finds time to use her immense talent, she may soon run out of wall space. Perhaps a fortunate and discerning admirer may yet become the proud owner of a Ramji work of art.