The Ismaili Community of Australia and New Zealand are pledging 10,000 hours of community service to our local communities to improve the quality of life of our fellow Australian/New Zealanders.

Every member (with no age barrier) will be volunteering in a wide range of activities ranging in areas from care for the elderly to poverty alleviation, cleaning public spaces such as beaches, parks and trails, tree planting, blood drives civic society activity, professional skills, settlement and so much more.

This pledge’s purpose is to improve the quality of life in the community exemplifying Islam’s core values of peace, compassion and care for the unfortunate thus reinforcing the longstanding commitment to Australia and New Zealand and its deep rooted ethic of volunteer service.

Members of The Ismaili Community have already logged 800+ hours by being involved in activities such as The Christmas Hamper Delivery in Sydney and Melbourne, A Christmas Lunch Service in Auckland, Adopt a Family in Auckland and Food Service to the Homeless in all centres just to name a few. With Clean Up Australia Day fast approaching more members shall aim to be heavily involved in all centres to help make the communities a cleaner, happier and better place.

Pledge hours shall be updated on the website on a monthly basis. Stay tuned!