International Development, The Aga Khan Way - Podcast

Professor Stephen Howes sat down with Michael Kocher and Matt Reed of the Aga Khan Foundation to discuss the work of the Foundation.

In November 2019, Professor Stephen Howes (Director of the Development Policy Centre at the Crawford School of Public Policy) from The Australian National University sat down with Michael Kocher, Global General Manager of the Aga Khan Foundation and Matt Reed, Chief Executive Officer of the Aga Khan Foundation UK, to discuss the work of the Foundation, one of the ten development arms of the Aga Khan Development Network.

Australia is the biggest NGO partner in Afghanistan and contributes $25M in Bamiyan, Badakhshan and the Wakhan Valley where the projects are essentially focused on early childhood development, public education and educating girls and community driven projects.  This podcast illustrates the long term approach taken by the  Aga Khan Foundation in building capacity through the active engagement of community leaders and civic society groups in identifying their needs and providing solutions. Michael Kocher, describes DFAT as “intelligent development partners” who promote the exchange of ideas and best practices in supporting local communities to take charge of their development supporting local empowerment and self-driven projects.

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