Coronavirus has turned into a dark reality for all of us humans all around the world. From travel bans to social gatherings cancelled, all of us have most likely had enough of COVID-19. But now, more than ever, it is important for all of our Jamat worldwide to stand together and to fight against COVID-19 as a brotherhood.

Right now, all of us are stuck at home, we can only go out for purchasing essentials, for medical needs, for pharmaceutical necessities, for exercise, for care or assistance to an immediate family member, for work, for study or for attending any court hearings in Australia. Leaving the house for any other reasons can land you a large fine, or possibly jail time. Life seems pretty gloomy, however, it is very important that our Jamat understands the fact that, exercising and taking care of our bodies is very important. Many of us don’t leave our houses for the whole day in fear of catching COVID-19. However, exercise can also be done at home. Our COVID-19 team is doing very well in providing jamat the necessary guidelines, information, webinars and videos that can help us stay healthy, even during a pandemic like this

Staying fit is very important for all of us, our lives may have changed in the way that we stay at home all day. Even so, we need to practice healthy eating and do at least, 45 minutes of exercise every single day. Staying fit is something each of us have to commit to, if you have a fitness bike or a treadmill at home, you can bike or run on it and keep yourself in the rhythm. Sitting at home all day has quite a lot of side effects on the body, and in this particular situation staying fit is a key to a strong immune system and healthy well-being. Don’t sweat it, if you don’t have any fitness equipment at home, you can create your own mini workout, completing drills such as, push ups, ab-crunches, sit-ups, and planks etc. These drills can increase mobility and stability in the body.

What else can we do?

With so much time during the day, you might be wondering what else to do, other than playing fortnight online, all day. So, my advice is, learn a new skill, and spend more time with your families. Learning something new can occupy you for weeks. That may be learning how to do graphic designing, or how to meditate better. In fact Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Barack Obama, Oprah, and many more top performers spend hours of their day learning a new skills, and some of these skills have allowed them to be the people they are now. So you never know, learning a new skill could possibly make you the next Jeff Bezos. Spending more time with your families is also very important, maybe play some board games or find something fun to do and involve the whole family. Spending more time with your families will strengthen your family bond and will lead to greater self-confidence and cohesion as a family.


In conclusion, COVID-19 has affected our lives in quite a negative way, however, if we stay strong together and focus on the good things in life, then this horrific time of our lives will fly by. Even the darkest experiences have a spark of light, so spend time with your families, and stay safe by taking extra hygiene measures, washing your hands frequently, sanitising your hands more often etc. Let’s pray to Mawla, to keep the worldwide Jamat and our families safe and to help us in this times of difficulty.

Ya Ali Madad

Written by Ayan Keshwani

Age 15 years