Camp Horizon and the Young Adults Conference (YAC) 2024 proved to be transformative experiences for youth across Oceania. With themes of exploration in Islam and with aboriginal beliefs and connection, these spaces became much more than just camps – they were catalysts for personal growth, cultural appreciation, and community engagement.

At Camp Horizon, participants engaged in intellectually stimulating conversations, forming deep connections and friendships that transcended boundaries. A young participant says, "I felt challenged when we were doing the maze... life is like a maze," and another chimes in "being curious will allow you to learn more and interact with people you would never have met otherwise,". These expressions highlight the camp as a space for thought-provoking encounters and personal growth.

Themes like "connections" were explored at YAC 2024, emphasizing the importance of friendships and connecting with others. Another participant underscores the importance of these bonds "(camps demonstrate) …importance of friendships and connecting with other Ismailis from around Australia".

Volunteer efforts were integral to both camps and participants expressed appreciation for the dedication of volunteers. "It is important to take time and reflect on yourself... I was able to lie down and observe the night sky filled with stars," exemplifies the rich atmosphere facilitated by committed faculty and volunteers.

The engagement of participants was remarkable, with record-breaking attendance at Camp Horizon and YAC 2024. Vibrant discussions at YAC 2024 and observations at Horizon like, "nature is a source of inspiration for our problems," are testimonies to the active involvement and profound learning experiences offered at these camps.

In summary, Camp Horizon and YAC 2024 were not merely camps; they were spaces of connection, friendship, and intellectual conversation.