Originally from Ahmedabad, India, Noorin started her journey with an Engineering degree (Electrical) and later completed MBA from The University of Queensland in 2015. Noorin is currently working as a Project Manager with the Australian Department of Defence, where she is leading multi-million-dollar Air Force projects. In the last 16 years, she has worked in various industries including aviation, manufacturing, renewable, utility, oil, gas, and mining industries.

Noorin’s exceptional work has been published and recognised through various awards including the ‘Top Talent’ award, ‘Leading Executive Trainee’ award and ‘Act Like Owner’ award.


Noorin, a mother of a young child, feels immensely blessed to be living in this beautiful country of Australia for over a decade. She loves travelling and has explored the culture and history of more than 15 countries. Her hobbies include cycling, reading, trying new foods, interacting with nature, spending time with her family and indulging in unique experiences.

Tell us about your journey?

It’s a long and complex journey, but the one that I absolutely love! I always wanted to grow my career horizontally by expanding my experiences across various industries, so that I get all-encompassing in-depth experiences and a taste of various industries.

After working in the private sector in Australia for about 13 years, I ventured out to try the Aviation industry. I am currently working as a Project Manager at the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Working closely with the Air Force leadership has been an epic turning point in my career. It is quite humbly satisfying to be able to contribute to the safety and security of our country. We work on real aircraft and real-world problems and technology updates, and it is extremely fascinating to be part of this impactful work.

It has been a very steep learning curve for me, but I have found my feet and I am serving on panels and have been nominated to participate in the ‘Leading Transformation’ leadership program.

How did you go about accomplishing your achievements? What inspired you?

“The simple answer is my parents. The support of my husband and siblings has been incredible too. And my persistence to push myself outside my comfort zone!”

From a very young age, my parents have instilled in me the mantra that ‘Nothing is impossible!’ and there is nothing that you can’t achieve with persistence, hard work and clarity in goals. They helped me have a clear focus and eliminate any distractions on the way.

The other key is stepping out of your comfort zone. I learned that if I only work within the bounds of my comfort zone, I will never achieve extraordinary things. So, I constantly and carefully push myself outside my comfort zone to try new areas of work and defeat my fears along the way. But once I come out on the other side it is so bright and refreshing, that I never want to go back.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

The nature of my work and finding my feet in a heavily male-dominated engineering industry was quite a challenge. I will admit it was not an easy ride.

On several occasions, I would be in meeting (or seminar) rooms with 30 other men around me and I would be the only female in the room. I was shaky in the beginning but gradually I learned to believe in myself and hold my ground firm. I learned to contribute effectively so I earn my reputation (voice) in the room by working hard, not losing focus and being two steps ahead of everyone. I never stopped learning at any stage of my career and always spent those extra few hours learning about my projects and the technology, so I can talk from a position of knowledge instead of shooting in the dark.

What has been the impact of your achievements on family, or society or community?

I take pride in my work and my contributions to the wider communities. I have been part of the team who has developed various solar farms across Australia. The development of these farms means that we are one step closer to increasing our reliance on green and clean forms of energy – huge potential to ensure better tomorrow for our future generations.

I have also served as a mentor for young women both in my team and on the women groups in my organisation. I have mentored graduates to transition into the work environment safely and securely.

I have served as RE teacher both in India and Australia and I am chuffed when I hear the success stories of my students and how much they have benefited due to the confidence instilled in them at a young age and how they can contribute to the world and societies at large.

If you were to name one woman who is a source of inspiration to you, who would that be and why?

My mum is my true source of inspiration. She is the one who walks the talk. She has demonstrated the importance of hard work, striving for excellence and importance of giving back to the community, throughout her life.

Her simple mantra is: “Keep your brain engaged in positive activities and upskilling yourself so there is no time for negativity. But also have time for family, personal wellbeing, and nourishment of your soul.”

I cannot thank both my mum and dad enough, for believing in me and investing in me to become the person I am today.

What advice would you like to give to other members of the Jamat?

I would like to continue my parents’ legacy so my advice would be to engage in upskilling oneself regardless of your age and constantly push yourself to step outside your comfort zone as the uncomfortable part is where you learn and grow the most.

And most importantly take breaks to refuel and replenish yourself and enjoy what you have earned so there are fewer chances of burnout.