“Mawla Tera Shukriya”  is composed and performed by Imran Keshwani to express gratitude for the blessings we enjoy every day. The lyrics are a reminder of our hope and faith in Mawla when experiencing challenges and hardship. Imran shares this song with the global Jamat to bring them comfort and lift, as it helped him, through these challenging times of the COVId-19 Pandemic.

Video: Mawla Tera Shukriya

The song was recorded and filmed in Adelaide, mixed and mastered by Nizar Lalani

Imran, originally from Karachi Pakistan, started singing at the age of six at his hostel and school functions later joining the Ismaili orchestra in  Sultanaabad and Nazimabad.  He was educated at the National Academy of Performing Arts in Eastern Classical singing and then learnt about production, recording mixing, mastering side of music from his mentor Nizar Lalani and his father (Late) Madad Ali Lalani father of Nizar Lalani.

After migrating to Melbourne, Imran furthered his passion for singing by performing with the Melbourne Ismaili Orchestra and more recently, he has begun working on his own compositions of devotional songs. Imran’s vision is to perform at events like the Jubilee Arts Festival, the Ismaili games and collaborate with other musicians from the Ismaili community, fusing eastern and western music.

Music is the only medicine helped me to overcome my problems and reaffirms my faith in Mawla”
 - Imran Keshwani