Amil Shivji, a filmmaker from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, feels that “art is not an ideology; rather it is a method of communication.

What you want to say through your art can be at odds with the status quo in an effort to create an impact; it would be negligent [of] us to not use this beautiful means and format film to address that which holds society back.” Amil has dedicated his own life to telling stories through film as a freelance filmmaker, and also by setting up an independent production house called Kijiweni Productions that “is committed to telling local stories with an international standard.” He also founded Kijiweni Cinema, where African films are screened and discussed monthly as Amil believes that filmmaking is “the strongest medium for bringing about social change.” Amil has written, directed, and produced two short fiction films that have received worldwide recognition through prestigious festivals. He continues to use film to make an impact on society, both in Africa and beyond.