Youth Club Networks

YCN is an organisation responsible for creating a safe, open and nurturing environment for children aged 7 to 17 years old.  Through 10 physical Youth Club spaces across the UK and a national team overseeing the running of local clubs and hosting national events, youth club fosters a diversity of ideas and cultures, providing youth with a sense of belonging and an opportunity to be leaders of their Jamat. 

The goals for YCN 2020 include:

• To encourage young people to feel a sense of belonging to our community and have the opportunity to meet other people from different cities, backgrounds and cultures
• To be collaborative in our working, widening the opportunity to volunteer and take leadership roles within the Jamat and the wider community
• To support young people in understanding our community, our faith and our values

Our local youth clubs enjoy hosting events for our regular attendees. Highlights include:

• Virtual Talent Night
• Disco Quiz Night
• Share and Bake nights
• Table Tennis Tournaments

Nationally, YCN has brought the youth “Show Me How”, a series of workshops and tutorials where members of the Jamat show you how to make something new – be it a new skill, a new hobby or a new baked good.  We have had over 20 workshops held since March 2020. These include:

• Baking Cookies with Alisha
• Painting Landscapes with Alisha
• Drawing Portraits with Zahra
• Textiles Design with Maaha
• Exercise at Home with Abid
• Cake Baking with Tanya
• Dance with Nabila
• Taekwondo with Jasmin
• Origami with Fahreen
• Zumba with Zaina and Safiya
• Drawing Mandalas with Sharmin
• Pretzels with Shuja and Ariyan
• Yoga with Farin
• Making face masks with Zinab
• Mendhi with Alisha
• Red Velvet Cupcakes with Sophia
• Strength and Fitness with Zakyr
• Baking Brownies with Nabila
• Basic Life Support skills with Dr Naila and Dr Zaque
• Smoothie Bowl Making with Aly

Watch these back on demand on The Ismaili UK YouTube Channel here: