Ismaili Student Network

ISN is a student-run organisation under the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board.

We aim to unite the Ismaili youth and create a sense of belonging through social, cultural and expressive activities held throughout the year. Here you can express yourself, learn more, meet new people and most importantly find a break in busy university life to have fun!

Our aim is to make everyone feel included and as such have various committee members that can be a point of contact, such as our new position of International Students Liaison or your university’s ISN Representative. For each university across the country, there is a designated ISN representative to bring together Ismaili students, apprentices and young people from 17 to 25.

The role of the Ismaili Student Network is to connect each member and instil a sense of belonging within the network and amongst the community at large.  We have also organised plenty of other events and initiatives to instil this sense of belonging and connection. In the last year, our events have ranged from a Winter Wonderland themed quiz night, weekly themed Friday Night Trivias, weekly Foodie Friday posts and a Graduation Celebration event for 2020 graduates!

In addition to this, ISN representatives at universities around the UK create social hubs and peer support networks. These representatives therefore allow incoming university students to have a first point of contact within the Jamat who is also studying at/near their university.

The network also helps to signpost certain resources by putting individuals in contact with the right people. So if you have any question, ISN are here to make sure you get the support you need!

To register as an ISN member and join this thriving network, go to the IIUK website. 

For any questions or queries, please email [email protected]