The Communications and Publications Committee of the Ismaili Council for Afghanistan launched an audio-visual communications training programme across 10 Jamatkhanas in Kabul.

The aim of the programme was to train volunteers in the areas of photography, videography, sound engineering, and related fields, calling upon the experience of trainers with extensive years of working in the field of communications.

Over 60 participants took part in the photography training in particular, harnessing their amateur skills and aspiring to become more professional over the duration of two months of training. At the conclusion of the programme, 10 photos will be selected for display, according to those which best convey positive Afghan traditions and values.

The Communications and Publications Committee of the National Council hosts capacity building programmes annually, in which numerous experienced speakers across various areas of professional training have been invited to impart and share their knowledge with participants.

Once the audio-visual communications sessions are complete in Kabul, training programmes will be held in the provinces and remoter areas of the country.