Jubilee Arts is a new international programme established in the Diamond Jubilee year to celebrate the global Jamat’s vast artistic skills and cultural traditions, and aims to encourage a deeper appreciation for the arts within the Jamat. 

Jubilee Arts provides opportunities for aspiring Ismaili artists from around the world to showcase and further develop their talents both during and beyond the Diamond Jubilee year.

Jubilee Arts is envisioned in line with Mawlana Hazar Imam’s aspiration that the full spectrum of artistic endeavour should be cultivated, developed, and promoted in the multiple traditions of the global Ismaili Jamat. Jubilee Arts will also seek to create an environment for nurturing the arts and culture in the Jamat by way of regular and structured institutional programming, similar to the Jubilee Games initiative.

The International Arts Festival is the inaugural event of Jubilee Arts where Ismaili artists from around the world will come together to celebrate talent in one of three anchor events: a Talent Showcase, a Film Festival, and an Art Gallery. The International Arts Festival is a unique opportunity for the global Jamat to experience our rich cultural traditions and plurality through artistic expression.

Jubilee Arts encourages the development and celebration of established and aspiring artists by showcasing the global Jamat’s varied sociocultural traditions. The arts have a long and rich tradition within our Jamat. Jubilee Arts intends to celebrate this strong and storied heritage while introducing a new talent identification and engagement structure, which is expected to last beyond the Diamond Jubilee year.