Imamat Day Celebrations for the UAE Jamat

This year, on the 11 July 2017, the Ismaili Community around the world marked the Diamond Jubilee, and the 60th anniversary of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s ascension to the Imamat.

This was a global celebration, and we we joined millions of Ismailis worldwide to celebrate this momentous milestone, thus maintaining a cherished historical tradition dating back to the time of Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah, when thousands convened in different parts of the world to celebrate his Diamond and Platinum Jubilees. Over his six decades, Mawlana Hazar Imam has steered the community worldwide, navigating and leading us through many deep social, political and economic changes that the world has seen and which have affected the community everywhere.

To celebrate this wonderful occasion, the Jamat of the Gulf Jurisdiction participated in the global celebrations to the fullest extent.

Tuesday 11 July 2017, commenced with a flag hoisting ceremony to mark the occasion in the early morning at the Ismaili Centre Dubai.

The principal program of activities commenced at 4pm, and the entire Jamat of the United Arab Emirates was invited to the Dubai World Trade Centre event and exhibition complex, the venue for last year’s fantastic Jubilee Games.

The day intended to be devotional and reflective, as well as celebratory and fun, consisting of a number of activities signifying these twin objectives for the day.  The culmination of the day was the broadcast of the Homage Ceremony video from Aiglemont, France where Mawlana Hazar Imam was joined by his family in receiving current and past leaders of the community. This occasion is of immense significance in the lives of both Mawlana Hazar Imam and the Jamat, since such an occasion is a rarity in history.

The evening ended with a Dandia Raas program which took us into the early hours. We all came together to eat, celebrate and meet friends, both old and new.

The celebrations continued and there was a program of activities on Friday, 14 July, 2017. The Jamat once again gathered at the Dubai World Trade Centre in the afternoon, where there were further festivities, and a wide variety of musical and educational activities have also been organized. A special exhibition celebrating six decades of truly momentous achievements, prepared and curated by in Dubai was also unveiled.  Once again, there was much celebration, dance and food. Most exciting was the evening entertainment, the ‘One Jamat’ show organized by Ismaili youth was followed by a concert by the sensational Bollywood and Sufi singer, Shadab Faridi thus rounding off a wonderful week for the Ismaili Community in the Gulf and around the world.

The following twelve months will be an exciting time for the community globally; a time of celebration and of reflection, as well as an opportunity to strengthen our relationships within our community locally and transnationally. It is also a time to reflect on how we can recommit ourselves to a life of commitment to the values exemplified by Mawlana Hazar Imam. We look forward to experiencing the beginning of this historic year together.